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Sam Ocampo: Statements


"Sam Ocampo is the Julio Iglesias of the piano."

Michael Omartian, award-winning Co-Producer of USA for Africa's "We Are The World," Producer/Arranger for Christopher Cross, Amy Grant, Donna Summer, Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow and many others.


"Sam: God has bestowed you with a supernatural gift for music. There are only few that can express and interpret a melody with such beauty... It reaches the deepest corners of the soul. You perform at a level of excellence rarely seen."

Abraham Laboriel, Bassist

“There is something so listenable about Sam Ocampo’s piano music. He plays with such emotion and his technique is elegant. He chooses great songs, and he interprets them with a timeless, poetic beauty.”

Ronn Huff, Composer/Arranger


"I've played with almost everyone in the business. Sam is one of the finest pianists around. He is not only a fantastic musician who has repeatedly brought tears to my eyes with his intense and emotion-filled delivery, but also a great friend. I'm so happy that he will be devoting his time to music. There is no doubt that he will become another giant of the music industry. I look forward to that."

Hal Blaine, Legendary recording musician. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee. Drummer for hundreds of top-10 hits by Sinatra, Streisand, Elvis Presley, The Carpenters, The Beach Boys, John Lennon, and many others.

Hal Blaine talks about Frank Sinatra

"The beautiful and sensitive playing by Sam Ocampo takes the listener into the heart and soul of a great theme and illuminates the simplicity and the truth of a wonderful and timeless melody."


Lee Holdridge, Composer/Arranger for Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Placido Domingo, and many others


"I have had the fortune of working with great pianists. I'm so happy to add Sam Ocampo to my list. Sam's unique phrasing style and tender touch are wonderful. Listening to Sam interpret a melody is such a joy. I'm thrilled to be part of Sam's musical world."

Joe Soldo, Contractor/Flutist/Producer, Los Angeles

"To hear one of Sam Ocampo's recordings, or to attend one of his concerts is like visiting an art gallery. He turns every piece and performance into a beautiful painting, an experience which remains with the listener long after the music has ceased flowing from his hands and his piano. Sam is the van Gogh of the piano; one of the greatest musical communicators I've ever known. I proudly own every one of his recordings, have attended many of his performances over the years, and have even shared the stage with him on occasion. But one of my most cherished achievements is to count Sam as a friend."


Jaime Jorge, Violinist/recording artist


"The king of the pianissimo, nobody plays the piano softer than Sam Ocampo. But even more distinctively, there is an intelligence to Sam's piano phrasing that finds no parallels in other pianists, but only, perhaps, in the great vocal masters like Sinatra, Garland and Holiday.

The truth is that Sam is much more than a pianist. He is the creator of a sound –the Ocampo sound– so unique, that in the 30 years that have transpired since the release of his first album, nothing has appeared to
rival it in beauty and listenableness. No wonder Chapel Music jumped at the chance of re-releasing all four of Sam's religious recordings. Thank God for that. For you and I will be all the better off for it."


Dr. Frank Gonzalez, Former Director/Speaker "La Voz De La Esperanza" Radio and "Descubra" and "A Solas" Television Programs


"Sam Ocampo is an original, with an international following of musical connoiseurs. His masterful command of the keyboard, his subtle melodic phrasing, and the contagious tempo of his medleys keep him forever young. This new collection, distributed by Chapel Music, is truly a gift to be celebrated. The four CDs keep fresh Sam’s classic melodies and introduce him to a new generation of Christian music lovers. Whether you yearn to be uplifted with inspiring arrangements or wish to reflect quietly on your daily walk with God, this musical gem is for you. Keep the set handy and savor it often!"


Dr. Humberto M. Rasi, Director, Department of Education, General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (1990-2002)

"For many years, I have been greatly blessed by the rich music of Sam Ocampo. He puts his entire soul into what he plays, and it will bless your soul as you listen."


Dr. Randy Roberts, Senior Pastor, Loma Linda University Church