I've loved "Part Time Love" since I was in high school. I first heard it on the day of its release on David Gates's second solo (post-Bread) album, "Never Let Her Go." Then a couple of years later, one of my all-time favorite singers, Gladys Knight, released it as a single. With its bluesy bent, this song, along with "Aubrey" and "If" may be among the best offerings from the outstanding pen of David Gates. On this medley I 'bookended' Legrand's "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life" with two David Gates songs - both of which have sections that harmonically hint of Legrand's "Rest Of Your Life." Perhaps I should go farther back in American Songbook history and insinuate that all these are reminiscent of Richard Rodgers's "My Funny Valentine," which I believe is a major non-classical source for these chord progressions.


(David Gates)

I need somebody who's consistent with me
Someone already there when I need company
'Cause when l'm feeling low
I don't want to have to go out looking
For a part-time kind of love

And when the dreams and rainbows start to disappear
Don't want somebody up and runnin' outa here
'Cause when you stop and start
Baby it's-a-just too hard upon my heart
That part-time kind of love

And I can't take you darlin' livin' here wait and see
I want somebody who's committed now to me
Somewhere, someday you'll have to take a chance
So if you like the music baby
get up and dance

And if we grow together daring to dream
I know we'll find our shares of
peaches and cream
And when the juices flow
I don't wa-nt no no no excuses
Just want your full time love for me
Just want your full time love for me.

(Michel Legrand, Alan & Marilyn Bergman)

What are you doing the rest of your life?
North and South and East and West of your life
I have only one request of your life
That you spend it all with me

All the seasons and the times of your days
All the nickels and the dimes of your days
Let the reasons and the rhymes of your days
All begin and end with me

I want to see your face in every kind of light
In the fields of dawn and the forests of the night
And when you stand before the candles on a cake
Oh, let me be the one to hear the silent wish you make

Those tomorrows waiting deep in your eyes
In the world of love that you keep in your eyes
I'll awaken what's asleep in your eyes
It may take a kiss or two

Through all of my life
Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall of my life
All I ever will recall of my life
Is all of my life with you

(David Gates)

If a picture paints a thousand words
Then why can't I paint you?
The words will never show
The you I've come to know.

If a face could launch a thousand ships
Then where am I to go?
There's no one home but you
You’re all that’s left me too.

And when my love for life is running dry
You come and pour yourself on me

If a man could be two places at one time
I'd be with you.
Tomorrow and today
Beside you all the way

If the world should stop revolving
Spinning slowly down to die.
I'd spend the end with you
And when the world was through...

Then one by one, the stars would all go out.
Then you and I, would simply fly away.